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There were many special attributes about Concorde.  Most notably, it created a lasting impression on many people and a strong legacy:

  • To join other nations in major projects is more valuable than going it alone
  • It is better to put aside past differences to tread new paths that bind us together
  • It is necessary to begin the innovation process many years in advance for challenges that have never been achieved
  • Politicians and industry have to operate together with a long-term view to benefit the world’s citizens making daily transport journeys
  • New technologies have to be invented, designed, engineered and perfected to push new boundaries
  • Projects need to be structured so risks and rewards are shared equally among all partners
  • Speed creates time, one of the most valuable components of life
  • Having aspirations and long term dreams to experience ultimate travel gives us good reasons to work hard in life
  • Projects like Concorde can improve the entire psychology of nations and humanity as people can see what is possible when we try hard
  • Science and technology can also be beautiful and glamourous
  • Sometimes in life, reality exceeds our high expectations
  • The ultimate success of a major project can not be calculated on profit alone; it is a combination of tangible and intangible benefits to humanity
  • It is often better to constantly challenge the “what if” and to actually do them rather than sit back and simply dream
  • Concorde was well beyond a mere aircraft as it proved the ultimate intelligence of the human species to master the most complex of challenges
  • Concorde lives in the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world; its true legacy is only just beginning as we realise what an achievement that was and how the lessons can be applied to other areas as we move forward in time






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