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Artefacts Collection

A Rosemount Outboard Water Drain MastA Rosemount Aerospace Inc. Nose Mounted Stainless Steel and Nickel Standby Pitot ProbeA Tail Cone Navigational LampConcorde Nose ConeA Grimes Mfg. Co. Anti Collision lampAn E.C.E. Flying Control Lane Selector PanelPassenger seats from refurbished BA interiorPassenger seats designed in 1993 used up to refurbished model in 2001GlasswareA Stage 6 High Pressure Compressor Disc with Blades FittedCutleryA Dunlop tail wheelA Driessen Double Cabin TrolleyA Smiths Fuel Flow Rate Indicator and Fuel Quantity ProbeA Teledyne Systems Co. Incidence Vane or Angle of Attack IndicatorJaeger Fuel Pressure Indicator and Intertechnique Contents Indicator and a Smiths Jet Pipe Pressure IndicatorA B.A.C. Air Intake Test Panel Built In Test EquipmentA Rosemount Total Temperature SensorNapkin and ringA VOR LOC AntennaA Turbine Nozzle Guide VaneRoyal Doulton Dinner ServiceA visor panelTotal Contents Fuel IndicatorA Turbine BladeVariable Exhaust “Bucket” or “Clam Shell”Fuel Tank Indicator and Engine RPM IndicatorA Starec AntennaPassenger seats from original prototypeCockpit panelConcorde passenger window1960-s-royal-doulton-british-airways-concorde-salt-pepper-pots-256-p


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