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There are several groups that are working on projects to get Concorde back into flight. These include:

Save Concorde Group, UK (

Club Concorde, UK (

Olympus 593, France (

Were Concorde to fly again, the main airframe manufacturers, BAE Systems and Airbus, would need to be involved in some way. Components and spare parts would be difficult to source given the technology was from the 1960s and 1970s. Programmes would probably need massive support from volunteers which would largely come from BA and Air France maintenance staff, both current and retired. Their is no doubt given enough passion, time, resources and willingness, Concorde could fly again. It would also need a certificate of airworthiness from the relevant aviation authorities.

Concorde would most likely return for heritage and ceremonial purposes rather than commercial services. However, there is a case for limited charter schedules which could be made by either BA, Air France or new operators. Seeing Concorde fly again would no doubt please millions of fans around the world and boost the national psyche. In other words, for a relatively small budget in terms of overall GDP, Concorde can lift the the very soul of an entire nation of people were it to fly again.


A great example of returning an aircraft to flight can be seen with the Avro Vulcan which was used to test Concorde’s engines. This clearly showed how projects like this can be successfully done. Vulcan also has the same delta-shaped wings as Concorde. It continues to be a crowd favourite at every airshow where it appears and the entire effort continues to satisfy huge public demand.

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