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25 July 2000 –  AF Concorde F-BTSC crashes after takeoff from Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, on charter flight to New York

15 August 2000 – Concorde Certificates of Airworthiness suspended

17 August 2000 – Anglo-French working group established ‘to coordinate work and review progress on restoring the airworthiness of Concorde’

5 Sept 2001 – BEA and CAA issue mandatory airworthiness directive, clearing way for restoration of Certificates of Airworthiness to fully modified Concordes

Nov 2001 – AF and BA resume scheduled services to New York (AF with Fare-paying passengers; BA with invited guests)

Jan 2002 – BA commences major re-life programme to extend service life by six years from the planned date of 2010

April 2003 – BA and AF make simultaneous announcements that Concorde is to be retired

May 2003 – AF ends scheduled Concorde service

June 2003 – AF flies its last supersonic flight from Paris to Toulouse

August 2003 – BA Concorde operates last service to and from Barbados

Oct 2003 – BA Concorde makes its last commercial flight

Nov 2003 – Final BA Concorde flight made. Last flight of Concorde – G-BOAF to Filton.

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