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1 Nov 1980 – Singapore service ceases

21 Jan 1981 – Five years in airline service: 50,500 hours, 15,800 flights, 700,000 passengers

14 April 1981 – Report on Concorde published by Industry and Trade Committee expresses dissatisfaction with cost figures, suggests the project ‘had acquired a life of its own and was out of control’ and urges efforts to ensure costs are shared equally with France

14 July 1981 – UK government reply to Industry and Trade Committee report describes committee criticisms of forecasts ‘unwarranted'; says government is taking action to reduce cots and intends to continue ‘press for the implementation of the equal-sharing provisions of the 1962 Anglo-French Agreement’

29 Oct 1981 – UK and French ministers meet in London to discuss Concorde. Officials proposed studying three options: (1) Cancellation, (2) a phased rundown, (3) indefinite continuation. Ministers agree the first option ‘need not be the subject of further joint study’

20 Jan 1982 – Air France announces its Concorde services to Caracas and Rio will end on 21 March because of losses on these routes

February 1982 – Industry and Trade Committee publishes a further report on Concorde, reaffirming the committee’s dissatisfaction: more effort needed to ensure British taxpayer ‘does not have to provide more money'; the UK government must rectify the imbalance of payments with the French government for the cost of the project

1982 – 1983 – AF drops Caracas, Rio, Washington and Mexico City service

27 March 1984 – BA opens Washington to Miami service

1 April 1984 – BA takes over support costs from UK government; pays government £16.5 million

Nov 1986 – First round-the-world flight by BA Concorde: 28,238 miles in 29 hours 59 minutes

31 Dec 1988 –  AF logs 57,197 Concorde flying hours, carrying 775,738 passengers


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