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World Records

Mach 2 speeds enabled Concorde to attain legendary status and break virtually every record known for a commercial passenger jet. At 1,350 mph, this was equivalent to 5 football fields every second, 23 miles a minute and faster than a rifle bullet. A selection of highly impressive world records are as follows, most notably circumnavigating the entire earth in just under 30 hours in 1986:

1 Sep 1975 – Concorde G-BOAC (BA) becomes first commercial aircraft to fly across the Atlantic four times in a single day from London to Gander, Newfoundland, Canada

13 Feb 1985 – Concorde flies from London to Sydney in 17 hours and 3 minutes

28 Mar 1985 – Concorde flies from London to Cape Town in 8 hours and 8 minutes

19 Dec 1985 – Concorde G-BOAC (BA) records highest speed for a commercial aircraft of 1,488 mph (2,395 kph)

8 Nov 1986 – Concorde (BA) first round-the-world flight in 29 hours and 59 minutes covering 28,238 miles (45,445 km)

6 Sep 1987 – Concorde sets coast to coast transatlantic record of 1 hour 35 minutes between Newfoundland and Ireland

22 Nov 1987 – Concorde passenger Richard Noble, former world land speed record holder in Thrust 2, becomes first person to cross the Atlantic 3 times in a single day

7 Feb 1996 – Concorde G-BOAD (BA) flight from New York JFK to London Heathrow in 2 hours 52 minutes and 59 seconds

21 Sep 1996 – Concorde flies between London and Boston in 3 hours and 6 minutes

8 Oct 2003 – Concorde G-BOAD (BA) flies between London and New York i 3 hours 5 minutes and 34 seconds

5 Nov 2003 – Concorde G-BOAG (BA) flight from New York to Seattle in 3 hours 55 minutes and 12 seconds

Very few military aircraft could keep pace with Concorde’s speed. Here are a few below that could outpace the Mach 2 icon. However, you needed to be dressed in a full pilots suit, wear a helmet and oxygen mask and belong to the military or NASA. There was certainly no champagne or fine dining being served on these flights:

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