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Concorde embarked on a major world sales tour in the early 1970s so the manufacturers could show it to the main global airlines and secure vital orders. This included places like Rio de Janiero, Beirut, Tehran, Sydney and Johannesburg.

During its lifetime, Concorde visited a huge amount of airports and countries and usually made a large and favourable impact wherever it went.  Due to limitations caused by the sonic boom at supersonic speeds, Concorde was made to fly subsonic over land. The natural route where Concorde was most effective flying supersonic speeds for the longest periods was over the Atlantic Ocean. It was also the perfect route length in terms of fuel capacity and range.

Therefore, Concorde’s main route was effectively a supersonic triangle between the two home nations, the UK and France, and America. Concorde connected London, Paris and New York, three of the world’s greatest cities, at Mach 2 speeds and no other aircraft came close to matching its capabilities. Barbados also became the favourite Winter destination of Concorde’s passengers.

Rivals, like the Boeing 747, took about 7-8 hours from Europe to America compared with little over 3 hours for Concorde. This made is possible to visit America and return to Europe in time for dinner within the same day. Considering the earliest ships between the two continents often took as long as 8-16 weeks, Concorde represented the huge achievements made by mankind over many Centuries and compressed journey times to a fraction of earlier attempts. It set many world records in the process.

Quite simply, Concorde was the pinnacle of world travel.

During its lifetime, Concorde visited almost 300 airports globally. The key destinations were as follows (videos in Gallery – Destinations):


London, United Kingdom

Paris, France

North America

New York, New York, USA

Washington DC, USA

Dallas, Texas, USA

Miami, Florida

Toronto, Canada

Gander, Newfoundland, Canada



South and Central America

Rio de Janiero, Brazil (via Dakar, Senegal)

Caracas, Venezuela (via Santa Maria, Cape Verde)

Mexico City


Dakar, Senegal

Middle East




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