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  • Key advances have been made over the last century in all forms of transport over land, sea, air & space
  • Since 1900, world population has quadrupled from 1.6 billion people
  • World population is now estimated at 7 billion people across 7 continents
  • Estimate of 10 billion people by year 2100 will stretch current natural resources & energy supplies
  • Around 36% of the world’s population, or 2.5+ billion people, live in just two nations, China and India
  • Critical developments and decisions are needed around transport, energy supplies, technology standards, sustainability and the sharing of resources to lay the path for future generations
  • Massive innovations are needed to enable basic A to B movement of people and goods for work & pleasure and to facilitate global trade and the growth in world tourism
  • New global commercial partnerships will be necessary and critical between all the world’s nations
  • The younger (“Y”)  generation will increasingly learn to share technologies, best practices and game-changing innovations in the interests of advancing mankind, protecting the planet and harnessing its natural resources
  • Open-source problem solving, crowd-storming, universal data access and social media tools will play an increasingly vital role to facilitate global innovation and necessary change
  • Future trends include a continued imbalance in population growth and prosperity, more constraints on key resources, an accelerating shift of economic power to Asia and emerging markets growth
  • Over the next decades, there will be increased mobility (in some areas, less travel is possible) and people and goods will be moving around the globe further and faster
  • For huge transport innovation, humans will need to take risks, exhibit bravery, demonstrate leadership, have a pioneering spirit in the journey ahead and continually push boundaries to advance mankind in all ways

“We must be the change we wish to see”. – Mahatma Gandhi

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