Aim Higher, Fly Supersonic

Key Challenges


  • Getting the necessary support from leaders and philanthropists who have a long-term vision
  • Ensuring young people receive the skills and help to enter science related careers
  • Developing a framework for generating maximum and constant innovation
  • Sustainability of supplies and protecting the world’s fragile environment, eco-system & natural resources

Focus Areas

  • Materials – Metals, minerals, compounds, plastics, glass, rubber, carbon fibre
  • Engines – internal combustion, diesel, electric, hybrid, fuel cells – emphasis on reduced carbon usage and emissions
  • Energy – fuels and lubricants to power movement, principally fossil fuels, bio fuels plus nuclear, wind, solar and tidal power
  • Electronics – instrumentation, drivetrains, engine management, safety and communications
  • Safety devices – passenger and pedestrian life support systems
  • Communications – navigation, passenger entertainment systems, internet connectivity

The various spheres of planet earth

Periodic Table of Elements

Periodic Table of Chemical Elements

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