Aim Higher, Fly Supersonic


To deliver the key aim and mission,  we are seeking a range of dynamic Partners who share the same passion and excitement we have around the process of Concorde’s development and innovative transport solutions of the future. Partners can help us to deliver the Planned Exhibition and  Education Programme. They will also be able to participate in our exclusive Private Viewings initiatives.

The Concorde Story

Several companies and organisations had a significant part to play in Concorde’s development and operations. In many cases, technology was being used for the first time to make supersonic flight a reality. Key suppliers to the Concorde programme can help us to bring the story to life by providing an insight to their involvement with the Mach 2 world.

Future Journeys

Our aim and mission will also see our global community explore new transport technologies for future journeys and define the ways we connect going forward. We aim to facilitate a wide ranging discussion between our Partners, both online and in-person, around the improvement of future journeys for the world’s growing populations.

They can show our audiences how they are shaping future mobility and delivering the kinds of innovative, breakthrough, solutions that will be necessary to offset depleting natural resources. In the modern era, sustainability and efficiency must be carefully balanced with the need to make quick, easy and enjoyable journeys for work and pleasure, be they over land, sea, air and space.

Please contact us to discuss the most appropriate ways we can explore a partnership with your organisation to achieve the best possible results.

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