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The Concorde Story and Future Journeys are initiatives by Simon Jones. During a lifetime of world travel, he has been to over 100 countries on all 7 continents and has a fascination for great journeys and interesting destinations. He has probably taken every major form of transport imaginable from rickshaws in India and tuk-tuks in Thailand to the Shinkansen “Bullet” trains” in Japan. However, supersonic intercontinental travel on Concorde was the ultimate favourite.

Originally from Lincolnshire, England, his fascination with supersonic aircraft began at an early age when RAF Lightning jets, capable of Mach 2.2, were constantly flying overhead from a local airbase. At the age of eight, in Jan 1976, newspapers, magazines and tv were reporting the start of Concorde’s commercial operations. Since childhood, Simon had a dream to fly on Concorde which was finally achieved more than 27 years later in June 2003, just a few months before the aircraft’s retirement.

In December 2003, at an auction in London’s Olympia, Simon bought his first Concorde artefact. Since then, he has steadily built one of the world’s largest private collections of Concorde items including the famous nose cone. He is now fulfilling a dream to share his private Concorde collection with the public and to play a part in helping to generate new ideas to improve future journeys.

Simon has a quest for visiting unusual travel destinations and exploring UNESCO World Heritage sights. Highlights include Antarctica, Easter Island, Colombia, North Korea, Iran, Japan, ancient Egypt and sailing the Greek Islands. The longest trips include eight months to see all countries in South America in 2006-7 and a four month tour of the Indian subcontinent in 2006. His longest train journey was Moscow to Hong Kong via the Southern Silk Route to witness the country’s handover to China in 1997. Travel highlights also include a voyage on the QE2 ocean liner and a trip on the Orient Express train from London to Venice.

Simon spent most of his career in the City of London’s finance sector and most recently ventured into sports sponsorship. With The Concorde Story and Future Journeys, he hopes to build an organisation that inspires future generations to invent and design new solutions that improve people, places and planet.

To make these initiatives happen, Simon is closely supported by a great team of people who are also very enthusiastic about the potential of such a venture and the many positive outcomes that can arise from a lot of hard work, creativity and entrepreneurial imagination.

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