Aim Higher, Fly Supersonic


There will be various opportunities we can provide to volunteers. Whether you are young or retired, we look forward to working with all age groups and providing you with opportunities that are inspiring, rewarding and life enhancing.


We are seeking help in the following areas:

  • Contributing research for the exhibition to assist with our storyboards and guidebook
  • Filming Concorde designers, engineers, pilots, crew, passengers and fans to feature on our website and YouTube channel
  • Assisting our guests at the exhibition
  • Growing our community around the world

Why volunteer?

In return, we aim to provide you with many valuable experiences you can take with you on life’s journey. These include:

  • Work experience with exposure to the running of a business
  • Meeting influential people
  • Networking with like-minded inspirational people in a new global community we are building to shape future travel, transport and connectivity
  • Visiting interesting places with us
  • Enhancing your knowledge in many areas so you can improve people, places and planet for this generation and beyond
  • Inspiring you to achieve your greatest goals in life and to always “Aim Higher, Fly Supersonic!”

Please register your interest and contact us to discuss this further. We look forward to welcoming you on board this magical journey together.



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