Aim Higher, Fly Supersonic

Education programme

Many students in schools and universities no longer have the possibility to fly supersonic in the world on any of their future journeys. Concorde now seems like a myth and legend that might never be repeated. They will naturally ask many questions as to how was it possible to build a Mach 2 aircraft in the 1960s and 1970s long before desktop computers, mobile phones and internet. In the modern era, we have effectively gone backwards in capabilities to fly between continents.

We have the possibility to bring the collection to schools and universities where students will have the opportunity to view artefacts and to hear a presentation on The Concorde Story and Future Journeys. Our Partners, Ambassadors and stakeholders generosity will enable these exciting sponsored visits to happen in many towns and cities.

We look forward to welcoming children and students of all ages in the months and years ahead and especially to inspire new generations of innovators, designers, engineers and leaders.

Aim Higher, Fly Supersonic!

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