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Visionary politicians, taxpayer crowdfunding, intensive research, the use of new technologies, record-breaking speeds and the ultimate in global travel. The Concorde Story has it all.

Let us take you on a magical journey around the world at supersonic speeds.

The creation of Concorde was one of the greatest defining moments of human achievement for the 20th Century. Following its introduction, many people around the world had a dream to fly supersonic. For 27 years of world history, it was possible to cross the Atlantic Ocean and fly between Europe and America in little over 3 hours. Concorde truly mastered the values around speed, time, innovation and design.

Concorde represented hope and the very pinnacle of travel. Services stopped in 2003 with no replacement in sight. Despite all the global advances we have made in modern technology over the last 50 years, the ability to fly supersonic has now vanished. How is it possible to step backwards in capability?


The Concorde Story Exhibition will recount the fascinating story of Concorde’s development and operations using original artefacts, memorabilia and personal stories. It will also examine the important legacy of the aircraft and explore what is next.


In addition to technology, design and engineering, the Concorde story involved everything from politics, budgeting, global sales and international competition to fine dining, great wine cellars and glamorous destinations. It has wide appeal to numerous audiences, whether male or female, young or old. Besides the general public, we look forward to welcoming many schools, universities, tourists and corporate guests.


The Concorde Story Exhibition will look at three main time periods; the history of flight before Concorde, the Mach 2 aircraft’s fascinating development period from 1956 to 1976 and flight operations to 2003.

We will celebrate the designers and engineers who built Concorde and the people who managed its commercial flight operations. No exhibition on Concorde would be complete without also looking at the countless leaders and celebrities that flew on Concorde along with some of the famous places it visited.


Despite high initial development costs, the payback from Concorde was equally high. This includes the discovery of new technologies and the establishment of new international partnerships in the modern era. The legacy and fascination with Concorde have only grown since its retirement.

What’s Next

The Concorde Story Exhibition will leave many unanswered questions. Can Concorde fly again? Will new aircraft travel at supersonic speeds once more and will it be possible to one day fly between London to Sydney in less than 10 hours? Will biofuels replace kerosene? Will engines turn electric? Will our travel needs increase or decrease in a digital and eco-conscious world?

By joining our adventure through Club Supersonic, you will also become part of a new global community shaping Future Journeys, our follow-on initiative where we will examine new forms of transport, mobility and connectivity. World populations are forecast to increase from the current 7 billion to 10 billion people by 2100 so this will be a fascinating discussion together to see new possibilities for movement over land, sea, air and space.




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