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Key Artefacts


Imagine peeling back the outer skin of Concorde. What would you find? The collection contains a representative sample of virtually every key area of the Mach 2 supersonic airliner. This includes the exterior, cockpit, passenger cabin, engines, fuselage and landing gear.

The pieces reveal the design and mechanical complexity of Concorde. The collection will also show how the sum of a gigantic jigsaw-puzzle of parts became a singular iconic object. The historical artefacts are extremely rare as there were just 20 Concorde aircraft built. When isolated, they also resemble modern industrial sculptures and take on artistic characteristics.

Photographs are in the Gallery section under Artefacts Collection. Key highlights include:

  • Nose cone and pitot tube used during development period
  • Parachute from prototype
  • Passenger seats from different decades
  • Delta-wing leading edges
  • Elevons and wing struts
  • Main landing gear
  • Engine fans blades and reverse thrust buckets
  • Champagne glasses and menus
  • Original sales brochures and technical drawings
  • Cockpit instruments and dials
  • Pilot headset and flight operating manuals
  • Glass from front windscreen, nose cone visor and passenger windows
  • Tires from front landing gear, main landing gear and tail wheel
  • Tail lamp and warning lights
  • Set of various cabin and access doors
  • Set of various external radio antennas
  • Kevlar fuel tank lining from return to service modifications
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