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To help us meet our challenging aim, mission and values, we are inviting a range of dynamic Ambassadors to join us. This special group of just 20 people people will already be recognised as great leaders, innovators and thinkers. They can provide valuable insights and support to help us inspire new generations of innovators, designers, engineers and leaders.

Our Ambassadors are likely to already be very familiar with Concorde since it was a favourite of many leaders of society. Passengers who flew at Mach 2 were the sort of people who mastered their respective fields, industries and areas of interest. They included business owners, celebrities and people of real influence and represented the brightest of humanity.

Our Ambassadors can provide leadership, learning and legacy to others as we define Future Journeys with our global community. They will play a vital role in accelerating development of visionary ideas for travel, transport and the ways we connect globally. Specific initiatives include the Education Programme along with special contests and prizes.

Please contact us to register your interest.



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