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How valuable is your time? Would you like to see more of the world by cutting journey times in half? We had the ability to fly supersonic and lost it. Let’s learn to fly supersonic again!

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Supersonic Secrets, the Legacy and What’s Next?

Sometimes we need to look back in history for inspiration on how to go forward. Concorde set new trends when it was introduced, turned a dream into supersonic reality and doubled aviation speeds overnight to bring the world’s people closer together. It truly mastered speed and time. Despite modern advances in science, Concorde retired without a successor in 2003 and we lost the ability to fly at Mach 2, twice the speed of sound. To put 1,350 miles per hour (2,172 kph) in perspective, it is 5 football fields every second and 23 miles (37 km) every minute.

Concorde was created through a unique international partnership between two ambitious nations using innovative design and brilliant engineering. The Concorde Story reveals the development secrets behind the creation of a modern design icon. To confirm its status, Concorde won the Great British Design Quest hosted by BBC2’s Culture Show and the Design Museum in 2006.

Concorde, meaning unity and agreement through partnership, is a story about people from different cultures coming together and collectively overcoming all known challenges through trust, respect, a common cause and a sharing of risks and rewards. The Concorde Story will educate and inspire new generations of innovators, designers, engineers and leaders and will make us realise that future challenges are achievable. An exhibition of Concorde artefacts is being planned to mark the 10 year anniversary of the last flight on 26th November 2003. If you have a great Concorde story, please share it with our community.


Creating Sustainable Movement for 10 Billion+ People by 2100

Land, sea, air and space will be shared by a world population that will grow from 7 billion to 10+ billion people by 2100. Sustainable transport, travel and mobility solutions to connect this many people to places around the planet and beyond is one of the most important sets of challenges facing humanity. Discovering quantum-leap innovations is vital and urgent and needs support and vision at the highest levels.

In an increasingly digital world, there is an even greater value placed on physical movement of people, goods and services. Ecological challenges are immense as resources decrease, but so are the fascinating possibilities to find new ways to travel further, faster and more enjoyably. Our community will have a global forum to discover, debate and decide the bold ideas that will change the world and shape history.

Perhaps the greatest part of The Concorde Story legacy is yet to come; inspiring new generations of high achievers to create quantum-leap, intelligent solutions for future journeys. Join the conversation today and become a Club Supersonic member.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.  – Lao Tzu

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